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BGSU Anime Con

Animarathon 2010 – BGSU Anime Con
Website: http://www.bgsu.edu/studentlife/organizations/anime/
Admission: FREE
Date: March 27th, 2010
Where: Bowling Green, Ohio (this is in NW Ohio - the largest anime con of NW Ohio and southern Michigan)

 Cosplay, vendor room, panels, guest speakers, and mayhem for one day! Shake off those winter blues and have some fun!

At this convention I will be hosting a ‘Kimono 101′ workshop. There I will provide a brief over view, and 1 hour long discussion on kimono and how they are worn. In addition to the kimono workshop, I will be selling kimono. Once more I will have a selection of kimono (mens and womens), haori (mens and womens), and some obi for sale.

OhioKimono site: http://www.ohiokimono.com for more about the kimono sales.

I have a rack full of kimono in different styles, prices, and for both genders! I also have a selection of low cost "crafting" kimono perfect for costuming, and being used in various projects.

Kimono for sale!

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