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Japanese Fall Festival Tea

Elaine’s Tea Shop Presents:
Japanese Fall Festival Tea
Date: October 3rd (Saturday)
City/State: Toledo, Ohio
Time: 1pm-3pm
Website: http://www.thetealady.com
Fee: Cost covers your tea, presentation, and food.
Hosted By: http://ohiokimono.wordpress.com/
RSVP: Required, as seating is limited. Please call 1-866-832-5239 (toll free) to reserve your seat.

Teas: *Japanese Sencha , *Kyoto Cherry Rose, *Gemmaichi are being offers in cordination with this event. These loose leaf teas come direct from the growers, and are mixed by hand for freshness and quality.

Finger foods: Fruit sushi (no fish, vegan friendly!), and other tasty treats are slotted for this event!

This tea party celebrates not only fall, but traditional Japanese culture which too observes the arrival of fall. This is a great chance to come out and explore a wealth of green teas, and traditional Japanese culture such as Geisha, and Kimono.

*Kimono friendly, dress up and come out! Or, get help with wearing your own kimono!
*A selection of top-quality green teas to enjoy, and finger foods.
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